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In this issue:

  1. Is John Grogan a Polygraph Parasite? - by Ralph Hilliard
  2. A New Study Reveals "The Lie Behind The Lie Detector" Hurts the Innocent- a brief
  3. In The Private Forums - '...All in All, it's a house of mirrors (in describing the anti polygraph site)'
  4. Nadine's Corner - SHOP SHOP SHOP! - New "In God We Trust" Tshirts now available in CHILDREN'S sizes!




1. Is John Grogan a Polygraph Parasite? - by Ralph Hilliard

par·a·site - noun - A person who receives support, advantage, or the like, from another or others without giving any useful or proper return, as one who lives on the hospitality of others.

You decide.

First, I need to share my own experience with John Grogan.

Yes, we did have a working relationship for a year or more. John bought advertising from me on the Polygraph Place including banners, listings and spotlight ads. He always paid promptly.

Yes, I did receive numerous phone calls during that time in which other examiners complained about John Grogan. All the complaints were essentially "I know this or I heard that' and the general conclusion of each call was something like 'John is just a bad apple that you should get rid of before he ruins the entire bunch.' I listened as patiently as I could to each call and then always asked the same questions. Is he doing anything illegal? No. Is he misrepresenting himself in his advertisements or business? No. My answer was consistent. 'Then there is nothing I can do.'

Bottom line. It was never my desire to 'defend' or 'side' with John, but I don't like bullies nor do I like being bullied. I lost several design clients because of my stance to remain neutral on this issue unless someone was willing to give me some actual evidence. My point here is that anyone can complain and many did, but no one gave any proof of their claims... until recently.

Finally, by way of my good friend Patrick T. Coffey from CA (not to be confused with Patrick C Coffey, an examiner from GA), Mr. Kory Turk and Ms. Maria Christina Turk came forward. We spoke and they shared with me their experience. I asked them to please write out their individual experiences and send them to me, which they did. With their permission, I have posted both of these statements here. The backdrop is that the Turks purchased John's '40 lb Polygraph Academy In a Box' and were to attend his academy which ended up consisting of three meetings in a Chinese Restaurant in Southern California.

Written statement by Kory Turk

John Grogan’s instructions to us during “training”….

  • Do not get E & O and Liability insurance because it is a waste of money, unless we plan on conducting employee exams.
  • It is not dangerous to go to people’s homes to conduct infidelity tests (he even suggested it would be a good idea for my wife to go alone because many people prefer a female examiner).
  • Give the examinee the results at their house immediately following the exam (even though we expressed concern that an irate examinee found to be deceptive might get angry or violent. He stated that does not happen, but rather examinees are just glad to have any result or answer to their problem. When I pressed the fact that it could become a volatile situation, he suggested carrying a gun, as he does).
  • Never audio and/or videotape a polygraph exam because it is a waste of time and not necessary.
  • Do not use the fanny pad or the footpad (they are useless).
  • Conduct the coin test as an Acquaintance test in an attempt to impress the examinee and persuade them to confess once they see they will not be able to “beat the polygraph.”
  • Purchase Limestone from Canada (Grogan has a deal worked out with James Brown) because the other 3 brands are old and faulty. (EDITORS NOTE: I, Ralph Hilliard contacted Jamie Brown of Limestone and was informed that Limestone does not have any representatives in the United States nor does it have any special 'deals' with individuals. Mr. Brown stated that referral fees have been given to anyone who is the direct source of a referral to buy their instrument.)
  • Do Not attend a polygraph school (it is a waste of money and time; you don’t learn anything, but rather you just sit around all day and practice). Instead, purchase his “book” for $565.00.
  • Do Not advertise anywhere in southern California (including on because that is “his” territory. We were instructed to only advertise in the 805 area code (Ventura County) and further north after we had already placed ads in several cities in southern California.
  • Do Not have clients sign a consent form authorizing audio and video recording because recording is a waste of money and no one ever sues a polygraph examiner.
  • We must charge $395.00 and no less because that is the industry standard. If we don’t, “other examiners” will get very mad at us for undercutting their price.
  • Always hand score the results by just looking at the GSR reaction, then let the computer score it after that.
  • Use only the MGQT test. You will never need to use any other test formats.
  • Do not use question templates in the computer, but rather just write your questions on a piece of paper and read from that. Templates are a waste of time because you have to constantly change the questions.

What he promised us….

  • 1000 postcards for advertising (we did not receive, yet Grogan now claims they were never included in the $565.00 cost, but rather a separate charge).
  • Observing him conduct some polygraph examinations to teach us the proper technique (not received; he now claims we did not show up or continue our training with him).
  • He would be available to us regarding any questions or concerns (he rarely returned our phone calls or e-mails).
  • How to properly conduct polygraph tests (he showed us short-cuts).
  • Help preparing test questions (he told us to use the same 10-question format all the time and only change questions occasionally, as needed, as opposed to changing the type of test).

Note: We were charged $565.00 for services only partially rendered.

Note: We recently e-mailed Grogan requesting a refund, but it was denied. This is the ONLY contact we have had with him in the past 1-1 ½ months, since we decided to completely disassociate ourselves with him. The reason for the e-mail was to have some type of document that shows he refused to give us a refund.

What he told us…

  • He is very good friends with Mr. Ralph Hilliard (owner of the website) and if we do not remove our advertising from the cities in which he (Grogan) advertises, he will have Mr. Hilliard remove us from the website forever with no refund. [Mr. Patrick Coffey later refuted this information, on Saturday, March 31, 2007, stating he (Coffey) has been very good friends with Mr. Hilliard for twenty years and is certain Mr. Hilliard does not know Grogan on a personal level, but rather just as a client purchasing advertising space]. Grogan used this tactic as a form of intimidation.
  • He boasted about shooting and killing someone in the San Fernando Valley several years ago.
  • He still carries a firearm with him when he conducts exams (even though his CCW was revoked, along with his baton permit).
  • He is still involved in Private Investigative work, even though his Private Investigator’s license and Protective Services licenses were revoked in October of 2002. [He conducts this work through his secretary/receptionist, Ms. Lisa Javoric. Ms. Javoric was the female that accompanied Mr. Tom Whiteaker (current Marston Polygraph Academy student) to the CAPE seminar in Ventura in March of 2007 and was asked to leave. Ms. Javoric is also an employee of Tom Whiteaker. Whiteaker informed Kory Turk he has known Grogan for 25 years, having trained him in as a P.I., but told others at Marston he has known Grogan for only 5 years and 15 years, respectively].
  • It is believed Grogan co-owns another private investigations business with his girlfriend, Jesika Floyd. The name of their business is J & J Nationwide Investigations.
  • He met Lisa Javoric in a polygraph academy (unknown name of school), where he was allegedly teaching. He claims to still teach there.
  • Lisa Javoric has been working for him for approximately 1½ years.
  • He has had to “correct” other examiners work (i.e., Oscar Bermudez in Oxnard) on several occasions because their results were wrong. For this reason, Grogan did not have anything good to say about Mr. Bermudez. It is unknown if Grogan has ever actually “corrected” Mr. Bermudez’ work.
  • He claims he wrote the entire Private Investigator’s licensing test for the state of California.
  • He sells a PI book to prepare investigators for the PI licensing exam.
  • That you only learn on analog instruments, and not computerized instruments, in a polygraph academy, therefore, it is a waste of time.
  • He has 5 kids and they all live with him.
  • Even though he downplays polygraph academies, his daughter, Kathryn, attended an academy, “Because she got a good deal.”
  • He is married.
  • He has a girlfriend named Jesika Floyd who is a PI in Los Angeles, CA.
  • He has 2 offices in the San Fernando Valley, but would never let us meet him at either. Instead, we always had to meet at a Chinese restaurant (Golden State Chinese restaurant) on Devonshire Ave. in the San Fernando Valley.
  • He regularly referred to the Chinese restaurant where we met for training as, “The Gook restaurant.”
  • The says “APA” stands for the “Amateur Polygraph Association” and his organization (PEOA.US) is the largest in the Unites States.
  • He would refer us a lot of polygraph work from PEOA for a $95.00 referral fee per exam. When asked how he decides to whom he refers each referral he receives, he stated he would just give all of them to us because he, “Likes us.”

Other pertinent information…

We have received harassing phone calls from Grogan and Lisa Javoric regarding us advertising on (these phone calls were heard by both Kory Turk and his wife, Maria-Christina). Even after we retracted our ads, Grogan still harassed us on a regular basis (and still does to this day, April 3rd, 2007).

Kory owns a house in Bullhead City, AZ and now Grogan advertises there (on since he became aware of this information.

Grogan considers us “hostile competitors” (his words) and he will treat us as such if we do not change the cities in which we advertise (on Quote, “What the f__k are you doing on this website? I advertise there. Lisa works for me and she doesn’t even advertise there. If you don’t change your cities I will shut you down, I will put you out of business and you’ll never work as a polygraph examiner in California again. I cannot tell you what to do, but I have put people out of business before.” He also told us we will get some unusual phone calls from friends of his; they will be checking up on us to see what we say to people regarding polygraphs and what we charge.

The first day that I attended Marston, my wife received a harassing phone call at 5:00 p.m. from Grogan asking why I decided to go to a polygraph academy. He also said that I should have told him that I was going to go to an academy because he could have gotten me a deal on the price since he knows people there (at Marston) and that I should call him back immediately (which I did not do). It is unknown for sure how Grogan was made aware of my admission to Marston, but all signs point to Tom Whiteaker (current Marston student and Grogan’s friend for the last 20-25 years). The only 2 people who knew about my decision to attend Marston were my wife and me.

A female called my wife (Maria-Christina) a few days later yelling in the phone, but due to a bad signal from the cell phone she was unable to ascertain who it was or what was being said.

Grogan put our newspaper article on stating we are a fraudulent business. The editor of the article, Mr. Jim Woodard, informed Kory Turk that he had received “several” phone calls and complaints about the lies in the article (he even confirmed the main complaints were from “John Grogan,” they were not anonymous. Woodard also stated a female called the newspaper many times complaining about the contents of the article. The name of the female was unknown to Turk (Sally, cannot recall last name), but Woodard said the female stated she knew Turk.

We have received dozens of phony e-mails and phone calls about potential polygraph assignments needed near San Francisco and Fresno (none close to our residence), but when we stated we required payment up front via Moneygram (because we suspected Grogan was having friends of his call us) we never heard from the people again. [For the record, neither I, nor my wife, have conducted even one polygraph test for pay (practice Acquaintance tests only) since we began this career choice.

We have also received dozens of telephone inquiries in the last two months about our house for rent in Bullhead City, AZ, when we normally only receive one or two each week. This coincidence started after Grogan learned we own a house there, after we started advertising on, and after he started advertising on the website in Bullhead City, Arizona.

We received an e-mail from William Tuey of Arizona, telling us we are frauds, we are a shame to real polygraph examiners, and they will chew us up and spit us out. [We have never heard of Mr. Tuey. We saved this e-mail].

Information has been leaking out of the Marston Polygraph Academy classroom to Grogan and he uses it to give Marston and Kory bad names. Grogan contends we are the ones who put all the information about Marston and the CAPE seminar on [Why would we put our own newspaper article on this website and make ourselves look bad?]

Tom Whiteaker told me Lisa Javoric (Grogan’s employee and business partner) wants to, and plans to, attend Marston Polygraph Academy. She also plans to join CAPE and possibly the APA.

Kory Turk

End Statement

Maria Christina Turk has a similar statement she made and sent to me. You may download and read that document here:

Maria Christina's Statement - Word : Pdf

After receiving these statements, my associate, Drew Nelson, wrote John Grogan an email explaining why his advertisements were being pulled, that he blatantly misrepresented the nature of his relationship with the Polygraph Place and myself and for threatening another client as to where they could advertise with us.

John Grogan demanded his advertising dollars back, even those in which he had already received full services from us. Another email was sent to Mr. Grogan asking what he thought a fair return would be for the remaining advertising he would not be getting on his pre-paid listings. We received no response, but Mr. Grogan was successful in getting all his advertising dollars back through the credit card companies even though we had conversations with his credit union and showed proof of full receipt of services on portions of his advertising.

Since that time, I have had no further contact with John Grogan and hoped that the issue was resolved, however, I now feel compelled to inform my fellow examiners and the public of the past and present business practices of John Grogan.

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Now back to the story

I intend to show here two things.

One. This is not the first time John Grogan has been involved in fraudulent business practices.

Two. Due to the lack of unity and licensing in our profession, John Grogan appears to be establishing his own little polygraph empire, which has little or no substance or value but rather it exists so as to make an income off of this profession without contributing anything to it.

John Grogans Past Fraudulent Practices

Summary: John Grogan previously held the following California licenses & permits::

  • Private Investigator - License #15057 dba Gold Star Investigations
  • Private Patrol Operator: License #10093 dba Gold Star Protection
  • Firearm Permit - FQ 87293
  • Baton Permit - BAT 473426

John Grogan was tried under the Department of Consumer Affairs before the Administrative Law Judge Paul M. Hogan on May 24th, 2002 in Los Angeles, California.

The Business & Profession Violations were:

  • Failure to render services/report
  • Divulging Confidential Information
  • Committing Dishonest/Fraudulent Acts

Results: John Leo Grogan was found guilty of the above violations, all of his licenses and permits were revoked on 10/21/2002 and he was ordered to pay $21,810.00 to recoop for investigative and prosecution costs incurred by the Bureau.

The specific complaints were as follows and are quoted directly from the case file (however the clarifications in parenthesis are mine). The paper copy I have of this case file is of poor visual quality but is available at the Department of Consumer Affairs in California under case # IA969688:

(1.) In or about December 1997, respondent (John Grogan) agreed to serve as a qualifying manager for C.M. (initials of person filing complaint) in connection with C.M.'s application for licensure by the Bureau, and accepted $3,000 from C.M. for this service. Respondent failed to be available to C.M. in connection with his application and C.M.'s questions thereon, and misled C.M. as to the nature of the charges pending against respondent in this case, and as to the likelihood of early and favorable resolution of such charges. When C.M. thereafter had to obtain a new qualifying manager, respondent repeatedly failed and refused to refund any part of the $3,000 fee he had taken. Respondent fraudulently and dishonestly insisted he was entitled to retain all of the $3,000.00.

(2.) In or about February 1998, respondent entered into a similar arrangement with one C.R. wherein, for a $4,000.00 cash payment, respondent agreed to falsely state and certify, as part of an application to the Bureau by C.R. for licensure, that respondent had served as a "Qualified Manager" for the performance of hours required for licensure as a private investigator as part of respondent's "sponsorship program", but told C.R. he would do all this for only $2,000.00 because he "liked" C.R. At a subsequent meeting, after C.R. paid respondent $700, respondent told C.R. that his work experience was, in fact, probably insufficient but that he, respondent, would falsely certify that C.R. had worked with him for one year. C.R. decided not to complete the application under respondent's "sponsorship". Respondent did the above for the purpose of benefitting himself and, by allowing C.R. to produce false evidence of his qualifications for licensure as a private investigator, for the purpose of benefiting C.R.

The conduct set out hereinabove constituted fraud and dishonest conduct and was deceitful. The Bureau has incurred reasonable costs of investigation and prosecution of this matter in the aggregate sum of $21,810.00.

You can view/download the PDF of the Actual Order by Judge Paul Hogan

Judge Paul Hogan's Decision & Order - Click on the Image to view/download the 5 page PDF Document

BSIS Decision John Grogan



John Grogan's Own Little Polygraph Empire

It is my understanding that John is not able to be a member of any recognized polygraph organization, be it the American Polygraph Association, National Polygraph Association, California Association of Polygraph Examiners or any other legitimate entity in our profession.

I guess if you can't join em, try to compete with them. So John Grogan has created his own network of organizations which I contend has little or no substance other than to be a referral network that financially benefits John himself and allows him to sell his $745 '40 pound polygraph academy in a box.' Get your boots on folks, its gonna get deep fast.

I have put together a flow chart to show the relationship of the 36 websites I found, all of which are registered by and maintained by John Grogan. A standard 'whois' look up will show something similar to the following as the ownership of all 36 website domains.

Domain ID: D6438724-US PEOA.US
Domain Status: clientTransferProhibited

Registrant ID: 839563-R
Registrant Name: John Grogan
Registrant Address1: Box 9065
Registrant City: Canoga Park
Registrant State/Province: CA
Registrant Postal Code: 91309
Registrant Country: United States
Registrant Country Code: US
Registrant Phone Number: +001.8188836969
Registrant Facsimile Number: +001.8188836969
Registrant Email:

Administrative Contact ID: 839563-A
Administrative Contact Name: John Grogan
Administrative Contact Address1: Box 9065
Administrative Contact City: Canoga Park
Administrative Contact State/Province: CA
Administrative Contact Postal Code: 91309
Administrative Contact Country: United States
Administrative Contact Country Code: US
Administrative Contact Phone Number: +001.8188836969
Administrative Contact Facsimile Number: +001.8188836969
Administrative Contact Email:

Billing Contact ID: 839563-B
Billing Contact Name: John Grogan
Billing Contact Address1: Box 9065
Billing Contact City: Canoga Park
Billing Contact State/Province: CA
Billing Contact Postal Code: 91309
Billing Contact Country: United States
Billing Contact Country Code: US
Billing Contact Phone Number: +001.8188836969
Billing Contact Facsimile Number: +001.8188836969
Billing Contact Email:

Click anywhere on the flowchart below to see the detailed names of the websites as well as ability to visit them if you want to read for yourself.


How is John Grogan trying to grow his empire?

In my opinion? Through misinformation and/or direct deceipt.

I received a copy of an email from an examiner who received an email from John Grogan's 'Polygraph Examiners of America' list serve that purports to have many examinations just waiting for examiners to take them.

I was informed by this source that although they did respond to the email, no real tests ever developed and it is assumed this is simply a method by which to entice an examiner with the possibility of all this work that John Grogan is going to put right in their lap. I suspect these leads are not real at all. If you are an examiner reading this, my guess is you may have received one or emails similar to this one. (As a final note, this same source stated that he received a previous email stating there were 30 - 40 EPPA examinations needing an examiner)



Sent: Tuesday, September 05, 2006 5:12 PM

Subject: Do you handle polygraph referrals?

If you can handle 10 to 25 e-mails per day (or 2 big e-mails per day), we can add you to our daily broadcast of examination referrals; to subscribe to that, send an e-mail to:


Here's the referrals just from this morning, 9/5:
(you can get them either separately or in digest format)
<<<<< There are 16 messages in this issue.

Topics in this digest:

      1. Daytona Beach FL polygraph examiner needed  /  relationship-herself
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      5. Columbia MO law firm looking to establish relationship with a polygraph examiner
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Message: 1        
Subject: Daytona Beach FL polygraph examiner needed  /  relationship-herself

for a _www.peoa.us_ (  referral

I would like to note that about a year ago, John Grogan sent me a 'PEOA.US certificate' in the mail for completion of a training seminar...that I never attended.

I'd like to close this article with some observations from reading through John Grogan's Websites.

1. There is common theme throughout all of John Grogan's websites in that there is no way to participate, apply, join, or buy from any website without personal contact with John Grogan himself through an email address or phone number. In other words, there is no way to enter John's empire except through John himself. No committees, no boards, no online sales tools, no membership lists...nothing. One of my favorites is the link to 'Verify a Member's Status'. Your only option is to contact John, however, the message he gives is that he is protecting the public. Here is a sample verification page.

In protecting the public,
many polygraph examiners
do not meet our requirements
for examination referrals.

Some claim to be a current
member of PEOA but are not!

Call (818) 883-6969
or e-mail to
for prompt verification.

(Every month, at least five or six
'polygraph examiners' are caught
lying about being members of PEOA,
and their prospective clients then tell
them 'No thanks- you lied to me'!

2. When clicking on the links to find out about the PEOA CPE Ceritified Polygraph Examiner code of ethics, all you get is the following:

Code of Ethics

(meeting and/or exceeding those
of typical polygraph organizations)

I did not find an actual list of these 'meeting or exceeding' code of ethics in any of John's websites. The same goes for Polygraph Standards...nothing.

3. I could not find any 'directors' of the PEOA.US. When I clicked that link I instead found only 'Zones'. I suppose there are four invisible directors out there somewhere? If you are the director of Zone 4, I'm in Georgia, will you please contact me. I have some questions about the PEOA.US.

Zone 1:

Alaska, California, Hawaii, Nevada, Oregon, Washington

Zone 2:

Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, New Mexico, Utah, Wyoming

Zone 3:

Alabama, Arkansas, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Louisiana, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, Oklahoma, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Wisconsin

Zone 4:

Connecticut, DC, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Maine, Maryland, Michigan, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Vermont, Virginia, West Virginia

4. In certain parts of John's sales copy, he criticizes Voice Stress, but on his Voice Stress websites, he states the benefits of Voice Stress and says he'll do those tests for you if you want them.

5. John claims to be the Polygraph 'Watchdog'. Once you wade through all the crap on this page, the basic message is that all Polygraph Examiners and Polygraph Schools except John and his 'members' are liars and cheats.

6. Where are the members of the PEOA.US (The World's Largest Polygraph Examiner Network)? In scouring the sites I have found no more than 13 advertising members. I believe many of these 'members' have really been duped into participating and have little or no idea as to the level of fraud and deceipt being perpetrated by John Grogan. In fact, that is a large part of my motivation for this article. I want examiners to be able to truly make an informed decision rather than swalling John's marketing and sales tactics.

WOW! I really could go on for days and I have just scratched the surface of the inconsistencies and lack of real substance behind John's websites and claims, but please feel free to browse these websites yourself and form your own opinion.

Thanks for wading through all this with me. If you are an examiner and would like to truly help protect the public, feel free to link to this article on your own website.

Ralph Hilliard - President - The Polygraph Place

P.S. My email box is open, so please keep me informed of any hot polygraph news and I'll do my best to help spread that to others.

2. Latest Study Indicates "Lie Behind the Lie Detector" Hurts Innocent, Doesn't Help Guilty - a brief

Information does not affect the validity of a comparison question test.

  • Authors: Honts, Charles R.1; Alloway, Wendy R.1
  • Source: Legal and Criminological Psychology, Volume 12, Number 2, September 2007, pp. 311-320(10)
  • Publisher: British Psychological Society

Purpose: Detailed information about the comparison question test (CQT) and possible countermeasures are now available on the Internet. This study examined whether the provision of such information would affect the validity of the Test for Espionage and Sabotage, a directed lie variant of the CQT.

Forty participants were divided into four equal groups: guilty, guilty informed, innocent, and innocent informed. During a first appointment, participants either did or did not commit a mock crime: then some were provided with a book containing detailed information on the CQT, including possible countermeasures. After 1 week with the book, all participants were administered a CQT during their second appointment. Following the polygraph, participants responded to a questionnaire that asked them about their behavior and perceptions during their examination.

There were no significant effects of providing information on the validity of the CQT. However, the reported use of countermeasures was associated with a lower probability of truthfulness. Results of the debriefing questionnaire were found to support predictions made by the theory of the CQT.


Concerns that readily available information will enable guilty individuals to produce false-negative errors seem unfounded. Moreover, the results actually indicate that the use of countermeasures was associated with a lower probability of truthfulness, which was exactly the opposite outcome predicted by the CQT critics

3. In the Private Forums - ''...All in All, it's a house of mirrors"

A partial post from the examiners only private forums:

"It is interesting what you notice when you start to get up close and personal with the folks at anti. The place is full of fakes (and some really bitter people). I'm increasingly convinced that much of the content is unreal". "...All in all, its a house of mirrors"

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2. After submitting the form, you will receive an email from the automated system with a username and password. Forward that email to me ( and include proof that you are an examiner. License, School, Department, Association Memberships, etc. If you do not provide something that we can independantly verify, you will not be given access.

3. Be patient. We have to verify your information and once we have, we'll authorize your login and be in contact with you.

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