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All of the following polygraph cases are true. This is a glimpse into the positive force polygraph plays in our lives and our country every day.

Criminal Domestic Counter Measure Confessions Business
Innocent man cleared after serving 20 year sentence - posted 10/9/2004 Russian tea and Christmas cookies - posted 10/14/2003 applicant stung by the sting manual - posted 11/25/2003 Brinks Armored Employee lying his pants off - posted 3/23/2004
Serial killer's jewelry - posted 10/14/2003 My wife is a pig - posted 10/14/2003 passapolygraph.com victim caught trying countermeasures - posted 3/23/2004 $3,000 missing. Was it the bank teller, truck driver or janitor? - posted 3/23/2004
He is sane your Honor - posted 10/14/2003 Quit wearing blinders - posted 10/14/2003 How Not To Beat The Polygraph - posted 05/23/2005 Government
$203,000 stolen - posted 10/14/2003 Momma's OK...she is still breathing - posted 11/05/2003   Where's the phone?
posted 10/24/2003
5 suspects 1 victim- posted 10/24/2003 4 witnesses against 1 truthful Subject - posted 4/27/2004    
police officer accused
posted 10/29/2003
Exactly when did you get genital herpes - posted 5/5/2004    
to hell with that voice box type test
posted 10/29/2003
Happy Valentines Day - posted 5/5/2004    
Homicide solved in a deserted barn on a seaside cliff
posted 11/11/2003
Secretary of Defense murdered
posted 11/11/2003
A killer, a Whopper and a mystery solved
posted 12/08/2003
CVSA nearly ruins innocent man, polygraph saves the day posted - 3/23/2004      
The murder of Stacy Messina - posted 10/14/2003      
Mistaken Identity - posted 5/5/2004      
Momma, He Said I'm lying! -
posted 05/23/2005
A True Polygraph Story -
posted 05/23/2005


Polygraph Examiners can email us their stories unedited to support@polygraphplace.com. Please remember that these are being read by lay persons so try to avoid technical terminology in the story.