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Asylum & Other Immigration Issue Credibility Testing
Patrick T. Coffey is a pioneer in the applied use of the computer polygraph testing procedure in resolution of these specialized issues of concern to the Immigration Courts/Judges, Immigration Attorneys, and their Claimants.

He is further the founder of I-CARE; Immigration Credibility Assessment Registered Examiners, an organization which seeks to train fellow professional computer polygraph examiners in this emerging field and specialized area of testing. The testing he provides, as well as the training for his fellow Examiners, is oriented toward assisting Immigration Law Firm’s Clientele with pending cases in the immigration courts toward an enhanced case where and when possible.

Advanced Specialized Training
This emerging field shows great promise from decisions rendered by Immigration Judges, and other higher judicial bodies including the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals. Mr. Coffey’s work can be replicated regionally around the United States by those Examiners who complete an advanced training course. Mr. Coffey is available as both a guest speaker on this subject as he has done for APA, CAPE, and other professional bodies; as well as an instructor for certification in this area via seminar attendance.

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