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The Polygraph Place has stood the test of time. Others have come and gone, but we have grown steadily for the past 10 Years. Our longevity has also afforded us long-term solid rankings with the search engines.

The Polygraph Place averages 40,000 unique visitors a month. You can see the screen capture image below from our tracking software confirming this fact.

Our advertising is primarily for polygraph examiners and those marketing services TO polygraph examiners. We have the following advertising options:

1. Basic Listing - This is for polygraph examiners only and the backbone service of the site. The basic listing gets your polygraph business into the database so it can be searched by those looking for an examiner in your area. Cost: $25/year. Our last survey of examiner dvertisers showed that the average income in one year from just a $25 investment is $1,500. Getting a basic listing really should be a no-brainer.

2. Featured Listing - This is an 'add-on' to the basic listing which will help your listing rank higher in the search results. This is most useful for examiners who are in more competitive areas of the country. Cost: $99/year. Must have a basic listing to purchase a featured listing.

3. State Banners - These are full color banners that appear at the top of ANY search result for a particular state. Whether the customer is searching by zip code or by city, the state banner is always at the top. There are only two state banners allowed per state. If your state is full, we can put you on a waiting list for the next opening. These banners are best for examiners willing to travel and test statewide.

State Banner Campaign Costs:

  • 1 month - $75/month
  • 2 months - $70/month
  • 3 months - $65/month
  • 6 months - $55/month (our most popular state banner campaign)
  • Create your own banner - no cost (325w X 124h - under 50k)
  • Polygraph Place Professionally Designed Banner - 1 time fee of $100.

4. Spotlight/Specialist Banners - These are the tall, vertical banners you probably saw on the home page of Polygraph Place. They get the highest exposure and are good for examiners who are wanting to promote broadly for branding or desire to gain new clients in a special area of expertise or niche market. Also, as part of these special banners you receive a full web page about your services that the visitors will see when they click through. You do not have to take advantage of the web page, but if you do, we will continue to host that page for free indefinitely and there will be residual traffic to the page as it usually gets picked up by the search engines during the three month campaign. Cost $145/month - minimum three month campaign. One time fee of $100 for creation of the banner/webpage. Both spots are usually full with a committed waiting list. Call us at 678.772.6410 to be put on the waiting list.

5. Run of Site Banner - This is a unique banner that fits only a few examiners. This banner is a 'fill in' banner. When there are spots in the ad system that are not occupied, the run of site banner will show up. This is usually good for a polygraph school or examiner who wants to advertise nationwide. Cost $30/month paid in advance for one year. One time Banner creation fee of $100.

6. The Relevant Issue Advertisement - Our e-newsletter goes out to approximately 1,600 subscribers, mostly polygraph examiners, once a month. This is great for anyone marketing TO polygraph examiners. We have a variety of options, call 678.772.6410 for details.

Throughout the year, we have a few other ad options that are not on this regular list. We have helped thousands of examiners and those marketing to polygraph examiners, advertise successfully over the past ten years. If you want to get the best return for your investment, give us a call or fill out the form below and we'll walk you through some custom options and answer any questions.

Thanks for your interest,

Ralph Hilliard
Polygraph Place President & CEO

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The Polygraph Place accepts Visa & Mastercard.

Call or Email us about current specials. Phone at 678.772.6410 and email at polymail@polygraphplace.com

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